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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The end of a long month of electioneering

Tomorrow, in the Westminster parliamentary constituencies of Middlesbrough, Rotherham and Croydon North, voters will be electing new MP's following the deaths of the sitting MP's for Middlesbrough (Sir Ian Bell) and Croydon North (Malcolm Wicks) and the resignation of the sitting MP for Rotherham (Denis McShane) over the continuing fallout over the expenses scandal that hit Westminster in 2009. As it is very unlikely the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) will cover the results live (and that these elections will bring to an end the most dense electoral calendar in the United Kingdom for the best part of 18 years) I will be covering them myself (with the help of some colleagues of mine from other parties and none in the United Kingdom) using the Blyve service. You are more than welcome to drop in during the night (the coverage will start at 10.00pm GMT) and comment or indeed ask questions about how the United Kingdom elects it's MP's.
To take part simply come to this site again at 10.00pm GMT tomorrow (November 29th 2012) and log in as a guest.


  1. Were you happy with the results?

  2. As you can imagine, being a Lib Dem and seeing the Lib Dem vote drop like a stone is exceptionally galling (and having seen the Lib Dem vote drop by 12% on average in these by-elections is not just galling but very worrying indeed). If I can take some solace it's that turnout also plunged (from an average of 58% in 2010 to 29% in 2012) suggesting to me at any rate that all the mainstream parties have questions to answer about the coalition and their opposition to it (questions which parties like the United Kingdom Independence Party are, if not answering, then at least suggesting answers for)


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