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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Two T's or not Two T's, That is the question (with apologies to Shakespeare)

Llansanffraid-ym-Mechain is a small village in Powys that has for the last five years felt a little smaller than it should do. The reason for this feeling, it's missing a T. Although that depends on who you speak to.

Powys County Council say "In 2008 that it was correcting a mistake dating back to the mid-1800s when Llansantffraid - named after the female Celtic Saint Brigit - wrongly described her as a man. Dropping the "t" from the name correctly identified her as a woman, said the authority"

However, the local community say "The decision sparked a row in the village and two years later more than 70 villagers agreed in a surveythat the "t" should be restored, with only three opposing"

So what happens when you have two dimetrically opposite views? Answer: You have a referendum (although both sides are stressing that this is a "poll" not a "referendum). But it is not the first time that this sort of debate has happened. In fact it happened here in 1983 (only this time it was over an "N")

In June 1983, residents of the village where I live were asked "Do you believe that this village should be spelled LLANON or LLANNON?". The referendum was held by the local community council wandering around the village, knocking on people's doors and asking. By the end of the procedure 457 people had been asked (a little over half the population) with LLANON garnering 327 votes and LLANNON getting 130 votes (a margin of 72% to 28% in favour of the one N). However, this result was not met immediately with support with two letters to the Cambrian News stating that a) I wasn't asked and b) It has always been two N's. So I hope that when the village in Powys holds it's vote, all sides will agree with the verdict.

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